Children’s Mental Health

Childrens Mental Health Week 1st-7th Febuary

We support children who suffer with anxiety and who are bullied. With our smile workshops, we help put smiles back onto there faces.

We can also fund for children to receive extra support and to attend other support groups to help with mental health. 

We have recently released our children's boxes to help at home with anxiety.

We run sessions to help with anxiety during School holidays.

Please contact us for further information

This year for Children's Mental Health week, the theme is express yourself.  We would like children to send in photos or videos of something they have done or do, creative activities that help them express themselves and promote a positive mindset. Wether it be Art, lego making, writing, dance, drama, photography. We will feature these on our website and facebook page and each child will get a gift bag for Febuary half term, with useful games tips and activities to promote postive mental health. 

Send your entries in to or via our facebook page.


Mental Health Matters

Seven activities for mental health week

With many children on our Island returning back to school we have some useful activities you could try next week to keep a positive mindset through the change of routine. For children across the UK missing school these handy activities can also help.


1. Each night chat about 3 good things your child has achieved

2. Exercise atleast once a day (it can reduce stress and boost your mood)

3. Ask your child to take a photo of things they are greatful for each week, looking back at these can also boost positivity and happiness

4. take a little bit of time each day to slow down and enjoy each other. TLC = talk, laugh, cuddle.

photo kid.jpg
mindful minute.jpg

5. Take a mindful minute using our activity on the left (below for mobile users)

6. Helping Others can boost your mental health, wether it be a neighbour a friend or a local cause. Do one thing to help someone this week

7. Ask your child to think about why they are thankful to be them, explain why you are thankful for them. Positive self image is key for positive health

Supporting Childrens Mental health